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MINISTRY // EFL program a blessing to our teachers

MINISTRY // EFL program a blessing to our teachers

Our English as a foreign language program has received this note from one of our new teachers. We thought you'd also like to see it.

The first few times I did my class I was SO nervous! I didn’t know what my students would be like. I was worried that I wouldn’t know what to say, that they wouldn’t have any fun, or that they wouldn’t understand me.

But a long time ago when I was helping with a Jesus Cares program and had to do a devotion with them, the leader told me, “It doesn’t really matter what exact words you use because between your mouth and their ears is the Holy Spirit.” So I have kept that in mind the last seven weeks as I have been teaching.

And you know what? My students are wonderful! And these last few weeks have been amazing! I know that one girl is from a family of believers because I see the cross on the wall behind her. And she knows the Bible stories. I’m not sure about the others but I have to believe the Holy Spirit is working. We laugh, we talk, and we learn about Jesus.

I originally signed up because I thought it would be a neat opportunity to be a world missionary from my home. Also, I am fascinated by other languages and cultures. So at the end of every lesson I ask them to teach me a word in Chinese. They laugh at my efforts to pronounce the words but it’s all worth it. :)

But I never really understood how much I, myself, would be blessed by this program. Some weeks when my alarm goes off, I wish I could just go back to sleep. But instead, I get up, make some coffee, and teach my class. And afterward, I am always renewed and so enthusiastic about the work we are doing.

Thank you for what you have done with this program. I hope it continues to grow and grow!

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