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MINISTRY // Christmas in China

MINISTRY // Christmas in China

The celebration of Jesus' birth is done differently in China than in the United States. As one example, our government doesn't disrupt our worship services. 

Ian Johnson's book, The Souls of China: The Return of Religion After Mao, was recently published by Pantheon Books.  A section of the book deals with Christianity in China. The link below will take you to an excerpt that describes a Christmas Day worship service at Early Rain Reformed Church in Chengdu. It captures both the tension of Christians living under China's communist government and the courage of those Christians in the face of threatened persecution.  

Please offer a prayer for Chinese Christians today as you rejoice that a Savior has come -- for us, for the people of China, for everyone. 

Tap here to read the article.

Tap here to see a map of Chengdu.