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President Trump and China's One-China Policy

President Trump and China's One-China Policy

President Trump riled China after his election by treating the president of Taiwan as a head of state. Trump took a congratulatory phone call from President Tsai Ing-wen in the days immediately following his election victory. Because China considers Taiwan a break-away province and not a separate nation, the Chinese government has reacted negatively, though with restraint.

President Trump backs down

Now President Trump has backed down. During a lengthy telephone call with China’s President Xi Jinping on Feb. 9, President Trump agreed to honor the one-China policy. 

This move should ease tensions between the world’s two most powerful nations. 

Tensions are eased

The White House has commented, “The two leaders discussed numerous topics and President Trump agreed, at the request of President Xi, to honor our one-China policy,”

In return, according to the Chinese news agency Xinhua, Xi said he “appreciated his U.S. counterpart, Donald Trump, for stressing that the U.S. government adheres to the one-China policy,” which he called the “political basis” of relations between the two nations. "The development of China and the United States absolutely can complement each other and advance together. Both sides can absolutely become very good cooperative partners,” Xi said.

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