Grace across China NOW

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The Spirit's at work

The Spirit's at work

An important part of 316NOW’s ministry is inform Christians in the United States about the ways we are aware the Spirit is moving in China.

An email

That’s why we were pleased to receive an email from a Wisconsin Synod church in Illinois. The email announced, “Your mission is our school mission project for this year.... Our theme for this school year is actually John 3:16, so your mission was an obvious choice for our faculty and administration. ”

A double blessings

Then the news got even better.  The writer of the email noted that her son is elder at another WELS congregation. That church works with students at the university nearby. She continued, “[The university] has a large contingent of Chinese students, some of whom attend his campus group. Perhaps there is someone there who might be interested in volunteering with your group.  There may even be a Mandarin speaker in his group already.”

What a ministry opportunity this could be! The way the Spirit works in China and here to bring the gospel to more people is astounding.

A way you can help

Can he do astounding things through you? Perhaps you also know about  opportunities 316NOW could make use of as we strive to help Chinese Christians share Jesus with people throughout their country. Let us know. Email us at

Thank you.