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15 Days of Prayer: Keep praying

15 Days of Prayer: Keep praying

An email from a Christian group that encourages prayer for persecuted Christians recently highlighted the plight of Alimujiang Yimiti.

Arrested for evangelizing

Prior to 2008 Alimujiang  was leading ethnic-Uyghur Muslims to Christ. His evangelizing efforts in western China did not go without notice.  Public security officers arrested him for “preaching Christianity among people of Uyghur ethnicity.” They also closed his business because they contended it was a cover for his criminal activity.

When his case went to trial in 2008, the charges were increased to subverting the Chinese government and endangering national security. Alimujiang, a former Muslim, was sentenced to fifteen years in prison. 

The email adds, “His wife is allowed to visit him only once every three months, for fifteen minutes each time. His two children miss him greatly.”

Keep praying

During our 15 Days of Prayer effort we urged prayers for the spread of the gospel in China, for Chinese Christians, and for the nation of China. Please continue to pray for those issues. You can download a copy of our prayer guide by tapping here.