Grace across China NOW

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Worker training: China style

Worker training: China style

For much of the last decade 316NOW has worked with an independent Christian school in China that trains church workers.

A faculty member testimony

The chief recruiter for this school has been a Christian his entire life. But he was not able to find a church that was true to God’s Word – until he found this school. This man and the president of the institution started this school with the commitment to provide its students (future church workers) with a solid foundation of accurate Scripture teaching.  “We have nothing good to offer,” he says, “without the Bible.”

This man and his wife live in a small apartment at the school. The lodgings are spartan, but they have found the wealth of opportunity to serve Jesus expansive.

Bible school students

Many of the young adults at this school are so poor they have nothing but the clothes they wear.  All the students study here for free. Some will not be able to return home unless the school pays their travel costs. Such a benefit motivates them to excel at their lessons.  But the force that compels them most of all (and this applies to students and their dedicated faculty) is clearly God’s grace in Jesus. 

These scholars are eager and attentive students. They are hand-selected to attend this school and they make a commitment to live out their gratitude for God’s grace by fully apply themselves to their studies. And, once they graduate, they travel to a wide variety of places in China and in neighboring countries to establish their own mission congregations. They arrange for their own funding to do this.

A reason for prayer

Please keep these Chinese Christians in your prayers.