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Jesus loves me, this I know

Jesus loves me, this I know

The day before Easter one of the faculty members of our English as a foreign language (EFL) program shared the following with the other teachers. Our EFL program is designed to help eight to fourteen year olds in China improve their English speaking skills. We use Bible lessons as the basis for the English they learn. We conduct these lessons over Skype.

Today's lesson was The Lost Son and the Loving (Forgiving) Father.  What a great lesson to have as we conclude Holy Week and head into tomorrow's Easter celebration.  It also serves as the perfect introduction to the Passion lessons that will be coming in our curriculum in the next three weeks.

Jesus loves me this I know

The singing of Jesus Loves Me This I Know topped off this week’s lesson!  

The boys in my first class did not know the song.  I sang the verse and they repeated it with the refrain.  It took a little longer, but the message is so important that it was worth it.  The girls in my second class knew the song and sang it without any help from me. 

Successful teaching

A sainted friend and mentor once said: "If you teach the children nothing else but this, Jesus Love Me This I Know For the Bible Tells Me So, you have been a successful teacher." 

I plan to add this song to every lesson for the remainder of the course, nine lessons.  I also plan to find a way to record the children singing the song.  It will be a good reminder to me during the summer vacation. It will also be something that I can share with others.  You might like to do the same with the children in your class.

The enthusiasm of our EFL faculty to share God’s grace with children in China is obvious. 


Please pray for this ministry. Currently we teach over 50 students each week. Ask the Spirit to double this number. 

Also pray for more American teachers. Actually, be bolder in your prayers. Ask the Spirit to help you consider involving yourself in our faculty.  You might be just the teacher needed to teach more Chinese children, Jesus Love Me This I Know For the Bible Tells Me So.

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