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An update: 316NOW’s ESL program

An update: 316NOW’s ESL program

Recently 316NOW’s administrator for our English as a foreign language (EFL)  program shared the following report with the faculty for this program.

Our ESL work focuses on helping Chinese children age 8-14 to improve their English skills. But we are more concerned with using this program to teach them about God’s grace in Jesus. Every lesson is based on a Bible story and every Bible story points to the gospel.

The report

Our cup is surely running over! God has blessed our ministry beyond our expectations. 

We have 17 teachers who have regularly taught classes to over 50 children in about 20 homes each week.

The children have improved in their ability and fluency of speaking English as Americans speak it.

The children have learned the story of God's love as it has unfolded from the Garden of Eden to Calvary's Cross through the lives of people such as Abraham, David, and Peter.

We have learned more about the lives and cultures of precious new friends who live far differently than we live.

God has opened the hearts and purses of special friends who continue to support this unique ministry to children and their families.

Most importantly, over 50 children are singing: "Jesus loves me, this I know because the Bible tells me so."


Our administrator closed his report with a call for prayer. Please join our faculty as they continue to speak with our Father about these topics.

  • Think of the blessings that this precious truth is bringing to the children and families in your classes. 
  • Thank God for opening their homes and hearts to this glorious message through the internet's technology. 
  • Pray for God's continuing blessing upon this ministry so that many more children will greet us in heaven with the words: "He is risen!  He is risen, indeed!"

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