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NEWS// Chinese urban life (Part 2)

NEWS// Chinese urban life (Part 2)

The Guardian has highlighted what life is like in six of China’s fast growing cities. In these first person profiles, a view of Chinese urbanization unfolds that displays the challenges humans are experiencing as that nation brings increasing numbers of its one billion rural residents into its cities.

Here are some quotes by people affected by China’s drive toward urbanization:

  • I have had to leave – and I will not be returning after college, because Shaoxing provides so few opportunities that my education will go to waste if I take a job there....  People from rural areas surge into my hometown to work, whereas natives like me seek every possible way to escape.
  • Having started as a small fishing village of little importance in the 19th century, the city has transformed into a major seaport. Urbanization has not only brought glitzy shopping malls and cultural centers such as theaters and libraries but also a homogenized skyline.... I do love my birthplace and feel proud of it but still cannot help resenting its residents’ lack of vision and aversion to novelty.
  • Like in other cities across China, house prices have shot up. Many rural residents bought houses in the city center and moved here. Single-storey buildings have been built up to two, three, four or more stories. I think people spend most of their savings on building houses; the taller their house is, the prouder they feel
  • The main change has been the price of property, which has really soared over the past few years. The price of the flat my family bought in 2009 has at least doubled. 

Read the entire article by tapping here. Check out the map below for the location of the cities mentioned in the article.