Grace across China NOW

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MINISTRY// Emphasizing grace

MINISTRY// Emphasizing grace

“Did my husband repent enough before he died?”

Needless sorrow

A sobbing Christian woman asked that question at one of our teaching sessions in China. Because she was afraid that her dying husband hadn’t confessed every sin and hadn’t been serious enough about his confession, this woman had pleaded with him--day after day--to more fully repent. 

Now, a year after his death, she was still tormented by the thought that he was not in heaven because he hadn’t been honest enough about the sins in his life. 

What a difference it made when we pointed her to Jesus’ mercy.

More law than gospel

Christian churches in China proclaim the good news of God’s grace in Jesus but they tend to over emphasize God’s law. That robs Christians of the assurance that their sins are completely forgiven. It forces them to search for peace with God where they will never find peace: in their own imperfect lives.

Students become teachers

One of 316NOW’s online Bible institute students is taking what she has learned about the balance between God’s law and gospel and is teaching it in her church. About 45 of her  co-workers are attending. 

“I started to have a sure understanding about sound biblical truth after I first received the law and gospel teaching in the online classes,” she says. Then she adds, “It's joy to share this valuable teaching with so many.”