Grace across China NOW

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MINISTRY// Regifting grace

MINISTRY// Regifting grace

Some of 316NOW’s students are actively reaching out to ethnic minorities in their areas of China.

China's minorities

The Han comprise the majority of China’s population (92%). In addition, China recognizes 55 ethnic minority groups. Among those groups are the Miao/Hmong (9 million), Uyghur (11.3 million), Mongols (5.8 million), and Tibetans (5.4 million).

Minority outreach

Here’s the report we received: 

Last Sunday, five students visited a minority Christian church. One student was invited to share the gospel message in the worship service. His sermon brought joy and inspiration to congregation members. The pastor asked us to come back again.  This was very blessed outreach mission tour. We are planning to make regular visits to the surrounding minority churches and to share sweet gospel with many as we can.

The gift of grace

316NOW is grateful for the opportunity to teach nearly 200 church leaders in China each week. But our goal is for our students to transport what they are learning in our cyber-classrooms to their classrooms and their communities. Thank God with us that the gifts of grace we share with Christians in China are being re-gifted to many more.