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DEVOTION// Count the gospel's blessings

DEVOTION// Count the gospel's blessings

The doctrine of the gospel... instructs us concerning the twofold benefit of Christ, namely, reconciliation and sanctification or renewal. 

The promises of the gospel

It contains

  • the promise of the remission of sins, free reconciliation, adoption, and acceptance unto eternal life, for the sake of Christ the Mediator. 
  • the promise of the Spirit of renewal, who works in us both to will and to do, so that after we are justified we can also begin the new obedience. 

The heart of the gospel

These things are confirmed by sure and clear passages of Scripture which establish that the object of justifying faith is not the Word of God in general, but the promise of the benefits of Christ the Mediator.… 

The blessings of the gospel

Then how many blessings come to us along with this object of our faith: 

  • free reconciliation
  • remission of sins
  • imputation of the righteousness of Christ
  • free acceptance before God
  • adoption
  • freedom from the law of sin and the law
  • liberation from the curse of the law
  • propitiation for our sins
  • salvation
  • eternal life
  • communion with God
  • the inheritance of life and salvation
  • peace
  • joy
  • the hope of the glory of God! 

Source:  Martin Chemnitz (November 9, 1522 – April 8, 1586). Chemnitz is known as Alter Martinus, the "Second Martin” (the first Martin was Luther). In the generation after Luther, Chemnitz was the leader in expounding and defending the Scripture truths brought to light in the Reformation.