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MINISTRY// Teaching God’s love language

MINISTRY// Teaching God’s love language

A key leader of our English as a Foreign Language (EFL) program provides the following report.  316NOW’s EFL program doesn’t just teach English to children in China. We use Bible stories as the foundation of our materials so we can share God’s grace with our students and their families.

EFL report

I am planning my 10th trip to China with my daughter (who has made two previous trips with me). We will visit our 17 pod assistant teachers (a pod is a grouping of 2-6 students who meet for our online classes in someone’s home). We will also visit as many of our students as possible. In addition we will recruit additional teaching assistants and students. 

We had a tremendously successful–and challenging–first year. We ended with 17 pods, growing from about 40 students to 60 students. A wonderful fringe benefit to our gospel outreach was the many parents who also attended these lessons while they waited for their children. 

In addition to the 17 active pods, we had four pods that we could not accommodate either because of a lack of U.S. teachers or because they organized too late in the term.  This was well beyond our dreams and expectations. 

Depending on the Spirit’s blessings, we are planning to redouble our efforts for the 2117-18 school year.  We could also bring our program to South Korea and Pakistan.

On our trip later this summer we will visit ten cities scattered across China. 

Pray Now

Please pray for our English as a Foreign Language program. Talk with Jesus about

  • our students,
  • their families,
  • our Chinese assistants,
  • our U.S. teachers,
  • as well as our ability to finance this ministry.

Also pray for our two leaders who will travel in China to promote and strengthen our gospel outreach program.

Consider teaching EFL

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