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NEWS// Chinese Christian missionaries in Iraq

NEWS// Chinese Christian missionaries in Iraq

Two young Chinese Christians are imbedded in a northern Iraq. They live close to an IS stronghold. They have lived here for more than a year. They are evangelical missionaries who reach out to women and children who have fled IS persecution. According to the South China Morning Post, they consider life in guarded compound there "more peaceful... than back at home."

Michael, 25, and Christy, 23, left China just over a year ago, right after their wedding. For security reasons the Morning Post did not reveal with full identities. 

"Life is normal here"

“It is not as torn up by warfare here as much as outsiders would read in the news, I actually feel safer here,” said Michael, comparing his experience in Iraq with life in China as a full-time worker in an underground Christian church. “Life could be described as normal here.”

The article reports that some pastors working in mainland China say their country has the largest number of born-again Christians in the world. More surprising, they claim China is the world’s largest exporter of Christian faith. 

Source: This article is abridged from The secret lives of Chinese missionaries in northern Iraq