Grace across China NOW

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MINISTRY// Grace and cancer

MINISTRY// Grace and cancer

“We were so excited to see that the desperate patient showed a hopeful smile on his face after hearing the gospel promise of Jesus Christ.”

Grace comes to a cancer patient

316NOW students are sharing the good news of God’s grace that they are learning from our online Bible institute with people who are battling serious illnesses. Recently a team of our students visited a critically-ill cancer patient. They talked with him about the commitment God made to him in Jesus, a commitment that includes God’s power to forgive sins, provide heaven, and also, according to his wisdom and will, heal diseases. 

Grace impresses those who share it

The team rejoiced to see how the gospel transformed this man. “We realized again what a blessing it is for the studying opportunities we have with the Bible institute pastors.”

Pray that the Spirit opens many doors for their evangelizing ministry.