Grace across China NOW

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MINISTRY// Networking Chinese Christian leaders    

MINISTRY// Networking Chinese Christian leaders    

    316NOW is helping our Bible institute’s students network so they can encourage and pray for one another, share what they’ve learned with each other, and bring more church leaders into their group. This network also helps us hone our ministry.

Administrator's report

    Our administrator for this part of 316NOW (we call it our In-China Division) reported the following to our board of directors on July 24:

    We now have monthly Bible classes and prayer meetings in all four districts of China. These online gatherings help web students know each other on a personal level. Students share what they have learned about theology and ministry. Through their sharing and praying, they support and encourage each other. 
    Bible institute instructors (these instructors are pastors) serve as mentors to each district. Mentors attend the Bible studies and provide assistance in handling any questions the groups can’t answer on their own. 

Networking benefits

    The network our students are developing is in the early stages of development. We are pleased at their progress since forming a year and a half ago. We anticipate huge benefits in having teams of Chinese Christian leaders who will help us assist them in their ministries and who help each other.