Grace across China NOW

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MINISTRY// Our students teach others

MINISTRY// Our students teach others

    “We are interested in teaching our students in China not only so they learn more for themselves,” says one of 316NOW’s administrators, “but – even more importantly – we teach so our student share what they learn.” 

Traveling teachers

    We have recently received a report of a group of our students that is doing just that. These church leaders live in one of the rural, mountainous areas of China. They are part of one of China’s 55 ethnic minorities. (Together those minorities make up 8.5% of China’s population, about 120 million souls.) 

    Our students regularly travel to four other minority churches where they share the lessons they were taught through 316NOW. Photos of our students show them at work during their regular visits. 

Spreading 316NOW's teaching

    For security reasons, we can’t pass those photos along online, but we can describe them. In one photo are a dozen and a half church members studying together. In another is a choir of 13 adults; while a sister photo pictures a choir of twelve teenagers. A fourth photo shows a group of two dozen, mostly young people, holding up their Bible lesson materials. 

Please pray

   Our contact person with these students urges, “Keep praying for them.”  Please offer a prayer now. And add this petition to your prayer list for 316NOW.