Grace across China NOW

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MINISTRY// Ministry highlights

MINISTRY// Ministry highlights

Among the many blessings the Spirit is working through the ministry of 316NOW, we invite you to thank him for the following.

  • One of the groups 316NOW works with in a large Chinese city continues to travel to a rural area to support believers in their outreach ministry. Members of this group also travel to neighboring urban area to help begin a ministry. 
  • In another city a group that gathers each week for instruction from our online Bible institute has dedicated a new gathering place. This place is intended not only for worship and fellowship, but as a teaching point for our Bible institute. 
  • A new group has begun in different district of China. It meets online every Sunday evening 8:00 to 9:30. Ten of our web students form the nucleus for the group. 
  • Bible institute students in yet another city have formed a prayer group. It meets monthly.
  • Several of our students who serve in three separate groups are helping key church leaders in those groups by teaching them the materials they learned from 316NOW. They are offering instruction in sermons writing, teaching Scripture, prayer, caring for the sick, and church organization.