Grace across China NOW

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MINISTRY// An impressive commitment to learn

MINISTRY// An impressive commitment to learn

Professors as students

    Our Bible institute professors are both teachers and learners. They teach Christian church leaders in China in over 50 subject areas. Their classes range from a handful of students to over a dozen. 

    But our professors also are instructed by their students. They learn about Chinese culture and family. They learn about the challenges of being Christians living under an atheistic government. And they see lived out a commitment to the Savior that is often more intense than we normally encounter among Christians in the United States.

Dedication to learning

    “He never misses a class,” one of institute’s instructors says of a student. “Never! We meet on Saturdays mornings between 8:00 and 9:30 in China. That’s Friday nights from 8:00 to 9:30 here. His desire to know and learn surpasses anything I have encountered during my years of pastoral ministry.”

    This student’s attention to our Bible institute’s courses is far from unique. Everyone of our professors encounters students just like him–and are impressed by their commitment to learn more about God’s grace.

    “I am regularly humbled by the study my students put into their preparation,” says another professor. “Some of the questions they ask send me back to the Scriptures for a deeper look. My students certainly keep me on my toes.”

Tell our story

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