Grace across China NOW

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MINISTRY// What am I supposed to do with my five children?

MINISTRY// What am I supposed to do with my five children?

316NOW has several women who teach classes as part of our online Bible institute. These classes are designed for Christian women in China.

Teaching without leaving home

One of those instructors recently said,

I have a friend who has worked with __ [another Lutheran group that places teachers in Chinese schools] for the last seven years ago. We have had several conversations about the work of that organization and 316NOW. He seems to think the best way to get involved is to travel to China and have personal contact with the students. 

I tell him, “That’s wonderful, but what am I supposed to do with my five children while I travel halfway around the world?”

316NOW is giving me a wonderful opportunity to serve my Savior while still fulfilling my duties as a wife and mother at home. I look forward to talking to my students every week, and I can witness their spiritual growth in the questions they ask and the personal stories they tell. The experience has been a great blessing to me.

Is teaching for 316NOW for you?

316NOW has opportunities for qualified teachers in our Bible institute. Learn more at this page. Email us at to inquire about teaching in our institute. 

We also have openings for teachers in our online English as a foreign language division. Tap here for additional information.