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NEWS//Survey: China or the U.S.?

NEWS//Survey: China or the U.S.?

The Pew Research Center’s annual Global Attitudes survey reports that many of America's closest allies tend to view China more favorably than the U.S. and they have more confidence in President Xi than President Trump. Across the 25 countries sampled, 70% lack confidence in Trump.

  • 30% in Germany and 38% in France view the U.S. favorably, down from 35% and 46% last year and 57% and 63% in 2016, respectively.

  • Views of the U.S. have tumbled in Canada (39% favorable) and in Mexico (32% favorable).During the Bush and Obama presidencies, majorities in both countries viewed the U.S. favorably.

  • Views of the U.S. rebounded in South Korea and Japan over the past year, back to levels similar to those seen under Obama. Confidence in Trump has also ticked up in both countries.

  • The percentage of Russians who are confident President Trump will "do the right thing regarding world affairs" plummeted over the last year from 53% to 19%.

  • Views of the U.S., in general, remain narrowly positive. 50% of the sampled countries continue to approve of the U.S., while 43% disapprove.

However, when asked whether it would be better for the world to have the U.S. or China as the leading power, big majorities in nearly every country sampled picked the U.S.