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MINISTRY//Can we talk?

MINISTRY//Can we talk?

One of our Bible institute professor who taught for us in China last October recalls a conversation he had with one of our students. Brother He is in his 40s. He is graduated from a seminary four years ago. He serves a church that worships about 1000 Christians on a weekend.  

His church is in an area that has experienced the removal of crosses from church buildings (including his church), as well as the destruction of churches and the arrest of church members. 

“Can we talk … in private?” Brother He asked me. Brother He doesn’t know a lot of English but he can carry on a conversation.

We talked a little about the physical problems he is experiencing. Something is wrong with his neck and face. Unfortunately, his doctors can’t diagnose the problem, so they don’t know what to do.

But that was not his main topic. “I want to learn more about Lutheranism,” he told me. He has been an avid student in our online institute since before he graduated seminary.

“I’d love to have you do that,” I told him.“That can happen as you continue to take courses with us.” Without hesitate he agreed.

Then Brother He asked for prayer. For prayer together right there. But also, for prayers from everyone associated with 316NOW. I told him we would pray for him.

What you can do: Please add your prayers to many other believers who are asking our Father’s blessings on Brother He. Ask for his health to improve so he can more fully serve our Savior. But especially ask the Spirit to help Brother He to continue to grow spiritually. Then ask the Spirit to help 316NOW to teach him – and many others – about God’s Word.