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MINISTRY//Two Baptisms

MINISTRY//Two Baptisms

One of the Bible institute teachers who traveled in China for 316NOW writes about a baptism that team performed.

A baptism undercover

“One of our students brought a friend of hers to meet us in our hotel room.”

A hotel room is a safer place for our teachers to meet with people It affords more privacy. For Westerners to meet with Chinese people in a more public place increases the opportunity for Chinese officials to notice and to be curious about the reason for the meeting.

A baptism of assurance

“Her friend was an elderly woman. She brought her adult son. They confessed their faith in Jesus and told us that they wished to be baptized. The elderly lady was in poor health. She wanted the assurance of God’s adoption that Baptism provides.”

“Her son was a member of the Communist Party. He, too, wanted Baptism’s assurances. But he told us that he could not be known to be a Christian. If his faith in Jesus became public, he could lose his present job and be blackballed from finding other employment.”

A baptism of joy

“After reviewing with them the Bible’s teachings about Baptism, they received God’s washing with water and the Word. We rejoiced together over God’s graciousness.”

What you can do: It is becoming increasing difficult to live openly as a Christian in China. Ask the Spirit to strengthen the faith of Chinese Christians and to give them courage to share their faith with others.