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NEWS // Huangshan National Park

NEWS // Huangshan National Park

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TripAdvisor calls Huangshan National Park in eastern China’s Anhui Province, “China's Yosemite National Park.”

Its towering granite peaks - that at 3000 feet caress the clouds - are the delight of any photographer. Its waterfalls, caves, and hot springs - that are hidden in these mountains - delight of every hiker. Its scenery, sunsets, and granite spires - that overwhelm the eyes - ensure no tourist leaves these mountains unimpressed.

The area is a frequent subject of traditional Chinese paintings and literature. From the Tang Dynasty to the end of the Qing Dynasty, more than 20,000 poems were written about Huangshan. A school of painting was named after it. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is one of China's major tourist destinations. Huangshan in Chinese means Yellow Mountain. 

The BBC’s travel reporter, Dave Stamboulis, offers a breath-taking photo array of Huangshan National Park in eastern China’s Anhui Province. Tap here to view his photo essay. 

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