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MINISTRY // Teacher testimonials

MINISTRY // Teacher testimonials

316NOW’s English as a foreign language (EFL) program reaches over 200 students each week. But the benefit is not only in improving the English skills of Chinese young people. It is in using our lessons to share the good news of grace and forgiveness in Jesus. And it is in how the lives and faith of our teachers are transformed.

Below are several testimonials from our EFL teachers. [If you would like to investigate teaching for us, tap here.]

  • I have been blessed to have this offer and opportunity to help and to be helped [through 316NOW’s ESL program].  I feel it a great joy to be a part of these young people's lives and to know that they are learning English and that God the Holy Spirit is active and sowing the seed of the gospel in their hearts through the Bible message I get to share.  It’s like the hymn says about doing work that might make the angels envy me.  Having Alaska as my home is pretty cool in that the children seem to be fascinated when I talk about the moose and the mountains. I pray that this partnership in the gospel can continue for many decades.
  • My heart is filled with joy as I know that God gave me the opportunity to spread his word through [this EFL program]. It is so exciting to see their little faces glow as they learn of Jesus as their Savior.  Being a teacher has renewed my spirit!  Oh, what a beautiful feeling.  I thank God everytime I am able to teach his lambs. 
  • I have fallen in love with my students and their sincere desire to learn English and the clear gospel of our Jesus. I am humbled by the opportunity that teaching for [this EFL ministry] gives. [It touches] multiple families’ lives! It means a lot to the children and the parents and adults with them to have someone outside of their culture sincerely caring about their relationship with Jesus. The obstacles the devil puts in all if our lives to Christianity makes me appreciate the power of the Spirit as he mutually encourages us in his love! Thank you for giving this wonderful experience! I look forward to being with my dear kids every week! 
  • This has been such an amazing opportunity! I am so excited to share Jesus with my teenage student, Mary, in China. She is doing very well and her pronunciation is almost perfect. She is so dedicated that she has shown up for our tutoring even when the assistant teacher cannot. We are establishing a wonderful rapport. The lessons are not particularly challenging for her, but I believe God is working in her heart to keep her engaged in the Bible lessons. This is such a wonderful ministry and you have been so faithful to build it and allow God to work through you. How pleased you must be to see the increase he has brought in this second year. 

Would you like to share the gospel in China through 316NOW’s English as a Foreign Language program? You don’t need to speak a word of Chinese. We provide all the training you will require. If the Spirit has given you a heart for sharing the gospel with children in China, please contact us. Tap here.