Grace across China NOW

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MINISTRY//A teacher’s reflections

MINISTRY//A teacher’s reflections

One of 316NOW’s English as a foreign language teachers shares this reflection on serving Jesus.

She captures the urgency with which 316NOW drives its ministry forward. Our goal is to see “Grace across China NOW.” We spell NOW in capital letters because those letters serve as exclamation points. They are reminders that our time in China may be very short. NOW is the time to do everything we can to bring Easter's joys to almost Christ-less 1.3 billion souls. 

Our teacher's message

What a wonderful opportunity to be a missionary for Christ and to be a window to the outside world for Chinese Christians!  Persecution is increasing in China.  

My Chinese assistant is a dedicated woman whose husband is "not a believer."  Yet she is there with her daughter at every meeting, faithfully translating for others.  Her faith is a shining example.  

I feel we encourage each other and the little ones in our faith.

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