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MINISTRY//Prayers, please

MINISTRY//Prayers, please

During Holy Week, 316NOW received these prayer requests from Christians in China.

Christianity under new restrictions

Because of China has launched a nationwide effort to limit the practice of Christianity, some Christians are unsure about how best to honor their government while, at the same time, honor their God. For example,

  • anyone under the age of 18 is prohibited from attending worship services. How should parents respond?
  • Communist Party members are prohibited from attending worship.  Why is that a problem for Christians? A sizable percentage of Communist Party members are Christians. Joining the Communist Party is often an important step toward career advancement. Until now, the Communist Party required little from members beyond annual dues. Now the Party insists members cannot be Christians. How should Party members who are Christians respond?

Small Christian groups

The government can more easily identify larger groups of Christians when they assemble for worship and other activities. As a result, Christians are meeting in small groups (10-12 people). One Christian told me that these small groups have spread throughout her city. In addition, these small groups are welcoming more unbelievers into the Savior’s kingdom.

We’ve been asked to pray that this growth continues and those believers are kept safe. For 316NOW, you may pray that we can train more of these group leaders in a proper understanding of the gospel and in God-pleasing shepherding of their little flocks.

Christian unity

Finally, pray for unity within Chinese Christian groups. Pray that the Spirit leads more Christians to discover the treasure God gives them in his grace and helps them unshackle from the inappropriate demands of the law.  But also pray for unity within the fellowship of those Christians. Satan uses high-stress times to cause division among believers, to sully the reputation of the gospel, and to focus the attention of his church on problems rather than their mission.

Pray now

Please pray for Christianity in China. Now would be a good time.

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