Grace across China NOW

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MINISTRY//Treasure given; treasure shared

MINISTRY//Treasure given; treasure shared

Lei is one of our online Bible institute students. She has studied with us for less than one year.

Lei found work and grace in the city

Like many Chinese, Lei left her rural area for one of China’s huge metropolitan areas. There she has found work and 316NOW’s courses. She has also found a peace with God that she did not know existed. But that has created a desire to lead her friends back home also to discover the Scripture’s teaching about the freedom and power that Jesus’ resurrection provides.

Lei found an opportunity to teach back home

In February, when China celebrated its New Year, Lei went home. She visited her home church and the Christian friends she left behind. They eagerly listened to her as she explained from the Bible what she had learned in our online classes. As God would have it, her visit came as her friends and their church were thrown into turmoil by a teacher who had lured more than ten members away from the church into his cult. 

After she returned to the city, the leaders of her home church invited her to come back and begin teaching more regularly. 

Pray for Lei and all our students

Lei says, “I wonder if there is a possibility for me to share what the Bible says about the purpose of the law and the purpose of the gospel. The law and gospel course is so important and valuable for Chinese Christians.”

Pray for her – and all our students -- who not only learn from us but eagerly share what they’ve learned.