Grace across China NOW

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MINISTRY//Improved sermons

MINISTRY//Improved sermons

“Thank God for he is so good!”

That’s the opening line of an email from the registrar for our Bible institute.

Courses in sermon writing

Among the 50 courses, our online institute offers Christian leaders in China are instruction on sermon preparation and delivery.  We have two levels of sermon writing instruction. 

Our registrar writes, “We have 15 students who had never preached publicly. They will begin preaching in their churches and small fellowship groups. They are so thankful for being taught how to prepare Bible-based sermons that follow the events of the church year. I have seen such a joy from these students as they have studied with our pastors!”

An opportunity for prayer

Our registrar adds, “Since our students took this course, they have been praying even more sincerely that our dear Lord gives them additional opportunities to spread the sweet gospel to many crying souls.”

Please add your prayers to the prayers of our students. In your prayers, include our Bible institute professors and the many Christian leaders in China our institute can assist. Now would be a good time to make those requests of Jesus!