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MINISTRY//Peace through pain

MINISTRY//Peace through pain

God often works through the pains and losses of life to bring us the greatest blessings. One of our Bible institute students was an example. The teacher of a course for Chinese who are investigating Christianity shared his story.

A journey from death

Joseph had attended a few of my classes. At one of those classes, he shared the news that his wife had died suddenly of a heart attack. She died at work; he was not with her.

My translator and I asked if we could talk with him after the class. He agreed.

We knew Joseph's wife and we rejoiced that she was a Christian. We assured Joseph that his wife was enjoying all the joys that life in heaven with Jesus could offer. We explained to him how Jesus' life, death, and resurrection make the guarantee.

A journey to life

At this point, Joseph was not a Christian. But he seemed comforted by our gospel presentation. Later we learned that Joseph had planned to take his life that night. But the peace and hope the Spirit brought him through the gospel message convinced Joseph otherwise. 

The Spirit brought Joseph to faith in Jesus. He continued his study with us. And he found support among other Chinese Christians. He died of cancer a few years later. At rest in his Savior's arms, he is now experiencing the same joys of heaven as his wife.