Grace across China NOW

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MINISTRY//Two for your prayers

MINISTRY//Two for your prayers

Two students from the northwest part of China have recently begun classes with 316NOW’s Bible institute.  That portion of China is lightly populated and far from the country’s immense urban areas.

The registrar for the institute describes them this way: “They have longing hearts for the study of God’s Word.”

The students' testimony

The students tell us, “We are so grateful to God for this precious study opportunity. We thank God for his mercy.”

Our students rejoice, not only that they are learning more about God’s grace than ever before, but “for being given the confidence and great joy to share that sound message in our remote area.”

Your prayer support

Please offer a prayer for these two students. Ask the Spirit to use them to bring the message of his grace in Jesus to thousands of souls in their area.

By the way, don’t put off praying for them. Take a few minutes right now.