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MINISTRY//Virtual handshakes

MINISTRY//Virtual handshakes

Handshakes between Christians mean more than, "We have a deal." They are a declaration of love and support. 316NOW's professors provide a virtual handshake to their online students.

Pastors in our denomination frequently spend time with each.  They share the joys of ministry, but also support each other through the challenging situations that the Lord’s shepherds can encounter.  

For the most part, Chinese Christian leaders don’t enjoy that kind of support.  That’s one of the reasons they treasure the brotherly love our teams of teachers provide when we visit there.  One of the Christians whose church hosted our teachers has written,

Pastors, you are so faithful, gifted, and humble stewards of God. Wherever you go you minister the hunger flocks with the sweet gospel. How much I am longing to spend time with them. When I was with you pastors, I felt I was with my dear spiritual fathers.  I, as a minister, could open my heart and freely share my joy and tears with them. Thank God for his pure gospel message brought us such a Christian joy in  Christ.