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MINISTRY//Helping leaders defend the faith

MINISTRY//Helping leaders defend the faith

316NOW ‘s course on the life of Christ that is currently being taught has 17 church leaders as students. Ten of them come from the same small gathering of Christians in the northcentral section of China.

Our registrar says about those ten students, “Before having online classes, this fellowship of believers was often bothered by Christian teachers from outside their group. They brought in false teachings. That caused division among the members.”

The situation has changed. Now that the leaders of this group are receiving Bible-based instruction from 316NOW, they better understand what the Bible says. Even more important, they are equipped to help the other members of their group learn what the Scriptures teach.

Our registrar adds, “Their studies with us have helped them to keep the unity of the spirit and to defend God's truth together, with the confidence as they are in the service to God.”