Grace across China NOW

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MINISTRY//A doubly underground church

MINISTRY//A doubly underground church

China has underground Christian churches. They are called underground churches because they don't operate "above ground," that is, out in the open.  These churches are not registered with the government, so their activities are illegal.

Doubly underground

316NOW teaches leaders in some of the churches. But one of them stands out because it is doubly underground. This church is not officially recognized by the government. And it meets underground.

The church's meeting area is several meters below street level. There are places that water seeps into the room. Repair costs are far beyond this small group's ability to cover. But members come together every day, from Monday to Sunday, for worship and Bible study. Thursday evening is the exception. That night they head out into the city to share their faith with whoever will listen. 

A leader's prayer

The leader of this group says, "I often pray in tears, asking God for strength and love to reach more souls through proclaiming the gospel in the church, in hospitals, in parks, and in all the places we are free to go."

What you can do: Keep this group in your prayers. Pray for the spiritual growth of their many leaders who attend our online Bible institute. Ask the Spirit to win many souls through their evangelism efforts.