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NEWS//Xi vows corruption fight

NEWS//Xi vows corruption fight

China's domestic security chief Zhou Yongkang is jailed. So are dozens of other senior officials. The reason: Chinese President Xi Jinping is battling against deeply ingrained corruption. 

According to news reports on July 4, Xi has warned that the party’s very survival is at stake, and the party has said the anti-corruption battle will “always be on the road.”

Xi told senior party officials that since the party’s 18th Congress--where Xi was appointed party boss in late 2012--the all-out efforts to enforce strict party discipline had achieved “notable results.”

“The outstanding problems in the party of impure thinking, impure politics, impure organization, and impure work styles have yet to be fundamentally resolved,” Xi added. The party faces long-term, tough and unprecedented tests as it seeks to reform itself, he said, without giving any details.

Xi has gradually tightened party control in all aspects of life since he became its head. His personal power strengthened considerably this year too.

Source: The Star, Reuters