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MINISTRY//I am so thankful

MINISTRY//I am so thankful

Very difficult times have faced a key leader in one of the congregations that makes use of our online Bible institute. 

  • Starting in March 2017, this leader underwent four separate surgeries.
  • Last winter a cyst on her leg was removed. 
  • That operation spawned blood clots. Doctors performed two more surgeries to prevent blood clots from moving into her heart. 
  • After a three month recovery period, she was able to amble around her home.
  • Then another dangerous condition in her cervical vertebra came to light. She awaits another surgery to repair that. Her doctor has warned this operation may end her life. 

Before her first surgery a year and a quarter ago, she appealed to 316NOW's Bible institute to consult with her congregation's 23 leaders.  Over these months, our professors have taught these leaders sound theology and advised them about caring pastoral practice. 

“I am so thankful to God for these pastors," this ailing church leader has told us. "They have kept their promise to help and have faithfully assisted my congregation through the sound teaching they have provided."

None of 316NOW's students have begun studying with our institute as Confessional Lutherans. 316NOW is pleased to have these Christians as students as long as they want to learn from us. Our goal is to encourage them toward doctrinal unity with us and toward spreading the gospel across in China.