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MINISTRY//The theologian for China

MINISTRY//The theologian for China

For theology, you can’t do better than Luther.

That is the opinion of Pastor Jiayi, one of our Bible institute students.

Pastor Jiayi confession

316NOW’s online Bible institute students range from laypeople who are leaders in their congregation to pastors with post-graduate degrees. Pastor Jiayi has earned a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in theology. He is the senior minister of a church with 2000 members. He studied with us for more than five years.

Pastor Jiayi said, “After years of study, I’ve learned that Luther’s theology shows the best understanding of sound Biblical teaching. The Lutheran Confessions should be taught and spread out in the church of China.”

Encouraging more Pastor Jiayis

316NOW is striving to make that happen. Each week almost 200 church leaders attend classes in our Bible institute. In turn, they teach what they have learned to over 10,000 souls under their care.

What you can do: Ask the Lord of the Church in China to bring increasing numbers of pastors and other church leaders to a clear understanding of the Scripture’s truth.