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MINISTRY//A leader’s health

MINISTRY//A leader’s health

A leader in a church that takes classes from 316NOW has serious problems with her kidneys. The protein concentration in her urine is more than ten times the normal amount.

A serious illness

Recently, she was close to death. Her entire body was unable to move because of severe pain in her back. A high fever rendered her unconscious.

Members of her congregation rallied around her. They launched into hours of prayer.  God answered by sparing her life. She is now getting better, but she is still very weak.

A serious love for the lost

A friend of hers observed that, despite nearly dying, “her physical weakness never stopped her from thinking about sharing the gospel with the people in our community. Because of her encouragement, we have shared sound teaching in many places.”

Of course, we at 316NOW don’t know what our Father’s plans are for this Christian woman. We pray that she might continue to be a force for evangelism in this church. More than that, we pray that her commitment to solid Bible teaching and to sharing the gospel will influences this congregation for generations to come.

What you can do: Join 316NOW and this Christian woman’s congregation in prayer for her. Ask that, because of his grace in Jesus, they trust the Father’s wisdom, power, and plans. Then boldly ask for her return to full health.