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MINISTRY//Teachers, not only learners

MINISTRY//Teachers, not only learners

One of 316NOW’s translators grew up in China. He is now living in the United States with this Chinese-born wife and their two children. He is exploring a seminary program that will allow him to become a Confessional Lutheran pastor.

We asked him, “How do you see yourself and 316NOW helping God’s people in China.”

Improve worship

“Each week, I translate my (American) church’s sermon and liturgy into Chinese,” he answered. “Then I share my translations with churches in China. They use my translations to guide their worship.”

“Chinese Christians need a more beneficial church experience. Their church experience is not as helpful as we Confessional Lutherans have come to expect.”

Teach accurately

“Most Chinese pastors teach different doctrines than the Bible teaches. Even the basic teaching about the gospel is corrupt. Often what churches teach is that to be right with God, you need to be a good person. God’s grace in Jesus is not prominent.” 

Live for Jesus

“I want to help Chinese Christians put our teachings into practice. I want our students not just be learners but to become teachers.”

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