Grace across China NOW

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MINISTRY//Blessed by blessing others

MINISTRY//Blessed by blessing others

316NOW Bible institute’s faculty includes two dozen Confessional Lutheran pastors who donate their expertise and time to teach our courses to leaders in Chinese churches. 

Most of these classes are taught early in the morning (5:00a.m. classes are not unusual). Our professors regularly spend more than two hours preparing for each class. Their relationship with their students goes beyond sharing information; they work to develop a personal connection -- a heart-connection -- with them. Thoughts about their students frequent their days. Petitions for their students frequent their private prayers.

To a person, our professors describe their ministry with 316NOW as an opportunity not only to be a blessing to others, but to be blessed themselves. Here are three examples.

Renewed Zeal

One of our professors said, “I have a renewed zeal for God’s grace and for ministry because of my role in 316NOW’s Bible institute. Teaching Christians in a different culture who highly value our grace-centered courses has helped me to become more thoughtful, kind, evangelical.”

Treasured blessings

“Participating in this ministry is a wonderful blessing and real joy,” said another professor. “I’ve come to treasure the religious freedoms we Americans take for granted. For example, pastors who are committed to teaching only what God tells us in the Bible; Christians who have no need to fear government officials shutting their church down.”  

Sharing in world missions

“My members appreciate that I teach Chinese Christians about God’s Word,” a third professor said. “They are grateful that our congregation is doing world mission work – and that without ever leaving the United States. I’ve gained additional love for ministry through the Bible institute. Working with the Bible institute has helped me look without prejudice at people who are beyond my culture. We all are dear souls to our Father.”

What you can do: God has designed special pastors to help with 316NOW’s ministry. Ask the Spirit to identify them to 316NOW. You might begin by praying about the possibility of your own pastor’s role in 316NOW.