Grace across China NOW

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MINISTRY//Gospel Pastors

MINISTRY//Gospel Pastors

Christians in China do not hear a lot about God’s love; they do hear about his demands. In place of the good news that Jesus has washed away every evidence of their sin, they hear how they must live if they want God to forgive them.

The teaching that our students receive at 316NOW’s online Bible institute is not like that. In our courses God’s grace shines brightly. Yes, we teach the severe demands of God’s law, but the gospel’s freedom and power always dominates the discussion.  That’s why many of our students call our professors “Gospel Pastors.”

Our emphasis on God’s grace doesn’t only show itself in the materials presented in class. It is also apparent in the way our professors treat their students. One of our students has written, “In class, our teacher always makes us feel that we are all good students. Even if we have problems in understanding biblical teaching, the teacher corrects us in a loving way and with respect.”

What you can do: It is sad that, although Christians in China trust that Jesus is their Savior, they continue to be unduly harassed by God’s law and are robbed of the gospel’s joy and motivation. Ask the Spirit to bring the full joy of his salvation to every believer in China.