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MINISTRY//Our God is greater than government resistance

MINISTRY//Our God is greater than government resistance

Our “15 Days of Prayer” effort begins on February 5.

In preparation, we will share several short articles about Christianity in China over the next Mondays. The believers in China need prayer. So do the 1.2 billions souls there who are not Christians. So do the missionaries that work there as they try to avoid the attention of the government. 


Restrictions on religion

The Chinese communist government denies God exists. Consequently, though religious liberty exists on paper, tolerance of Christianity is deteriorating in practice.  

Recently the government banned all Sunday Schools and children’s ministries. Children are not allowed to attend worship. No baptisms of people under age 18 are allowed, not even in government registered churches.

To be baptized, adult Christians must take many classes and pass a test. Other Christian adults are afraid to be publicly baptized because it could cost them their jobs. 

Restricted churches

In a city we visited in October, an unregistered church with a number of our online students was forced to disband. Those Christian didn’t do anything wrong. The government concocted a “violation” that they had committed. These church-less Christians don’t know what to do.

We Americans who enjoy religious freedom can’t understand the situation in China. The government knows everything. At any time, it can close a church or make life miserable for a Christian. It is probable that more and more Christians will have to go “underground,” to practice their faith shielded from public view.

Our God is greater

As this suppression of the Christian faith continues to spread, 316NOW’s ministry becomes more and more important.

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  • We must provide more online classes for these Christians. Our courses are treasured and shared by the people who attend.

  • We must continue to work hard to provide spiritual support, resources, and teaching to China’s pastors, preachers and displaced laypeople.

  • We must pray for the Christians in China. They are under great stress.

The future of Christianity is uncertain in China. But the gates of hell will not prevail against the Lord’s Church.

Our God is greater. (We have more information at 15 Days of Prayer.)