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MINISTRY//Our God is greater than human needs

MINISTRY//Our God is greater than human needs

Our “15 Days of Prayer” effort began on February 5 and will continue through February 19..

Each Monday before and during these days, we have shared short articles about Christianity in China The believers in China need prayer. So do the 1.2 billions souls there who are not Christians. So do the missionaries that work there as they try to avoid the attention of the government.


A 316NOW Bible institute professor who traveled to China for the first time last fall was stunned by the enormity of the task: how do we tell 1.2 billion people about Jesus? He wrote:

An overwhelming task

How can we reach all these people?

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I walked down one of the streets lined with shops of designer clothes. I counted twenty shoe stores in a row.

I turned down an alley and came to a narrow back street. It was different, dirtier, much poorer. Utter poverty just a few yards from all the bright lights and glamour on the main street. Who lives here? Do they know of the grace of Christ?

An overwhelming resource

Even if we sent every one of our pastors, it would hardly make a dent. But there is a better way. We can befriend and train the pastors who already live here and speak the language. Many of them have a burden to reach their own people but lack the education and resources to do so.

That’s why I am so glad I am here. I have met three of them so far. They are eager to receive our help. We must work as fast as we can to bring them the resources they need to reach their people.

Praise our Father with us. Even though the time and resources to reach 90% of the souls in China are limited, our God -- and his Word -- are greater.

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