Grace across China NOW

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MINISTRY//Our God is greater than human needs

MINISTRY//Our God is greater than human needs

Our “15 Days of Prayer” effort began on February 5 and will continue through February 19..

Each Monday before and during these days, we are sharing short articles about Christianity in China The believers in China need prayer. So do the 1.2 billions souls there who are not Christians. So do the missionaries that work there as they try to avoid the attention of the government.


Bathrooms in Chinese hotels

While in China, I stayed in a variety of hotels. Most of these hotels had very elegant lobby areas with marble floors, statuary, and expensive-looking sofas. The rooms I stayed in were larger than I expected, and the beds were comfortable.

But the bathrooms were surprisingly grungy. I wanted to buy some bleach and scrub for a while. At first sight, the hotels looked like five-star hotels. But a deeper look revealed dark “issues.”

Outside and inside Chinese people

It seems that many of the Chinese people are like that. Outwardly, they are doing very well. There is a lot of new money in China. Some people can buy designer clothing and expensive cars. It all looks good on the outside.

But inside their hearts, there is an issue. It is a lack of love. Even the Christians that I met seem starved for a message of love. Many of the teachings of the Christian church in China are law-focused rather than grace-focused.

The difference of grace

When I spoke a message of God’s unconditional love, people received it with a joy that is hard to describe. Some cried. Others begged me to stay and tell them more. Others brought a sister or child or parent. “Please tell them what you told me,” they said. “I want them to hear it also.”

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The beautiful gospel message of God’s undeserved love which we WELS and ELS Christians are privileged to hear every Sunday is rare in China.

I was remarkably privileged to share the message of God’s unconditional love and his amazing grace toward sinners. The world has a hunger and thirst for God’s love. We have the message that will satisfy what the soul longs for. We must share it. NOW.

Our God is greater. (For more information about 15 Days of Prayer, tap here.)