Grace across China NOW

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MINISTRY//She couldn't wait

MINISTRY//She couldn't wait

She couldn’t wait to tell me.

As soon as we connected online, she spoke.

“Over the Spring Festival holiday, I got to tell my cousin about Jesus!”

“My cousin is going through a hard time emotionally,” she explained. “She feels alone and afraid. When I told her about how Jesus has helped me, her face lit up. The more I talked, the more interested she became. At the end, she confessed faith in Jesus as her Savior, too!”

I thought, this is one of many ways that Spirit is answering all of the prayers that were offered during 15 Days of Prayer. I wondered, how many more stories are there like this? Are there thousands? Millions?

Thank you, dear reader, for joining me and tens of thousands of other Christians in asking the Spirit to bring his grace to countless souls across China. And, thank you, Holy Spirit, for answering those prayers.