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MINISTRY//A pastor embraces Baptism

MINISTRY//A pastor embraces Baptism

In China most churches teach that it's not right to baptize children. In addition, the government has made it illegal to teach anyone under 18 about the gospel. That's why we especially celebrated when we read this message from one of our students, a pastor.

 Today I was so touched  by [my Bible Institute professor's] teaching on Baptism.

 Yes, Baptism is the gracious gift from God given to all. Infants receive Baptism, not according of how much they could know but by the grace of God coming to him/her through the work of the Holy Spirit.

 I should let my kids receive this precious gift at their early age through faith in the promise of Jesus Christ. I'm sorry I didn't realize this before. Today's teaching made me feel so sorry for my lovely kids. It hurts my heart deeply. God forgives me!

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