Grace across China NOW

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MINISTRY//Courage under pressure

MINISTRY//Courage under pressure

Local government officials unexpectedly arrived at their worship service.

This small church has deep connections with our online Bible institute. Our professors have visited there several times over the last years. We have been thrilled at their eagerness to share the gospel.

Prepared to witness

The officials — representatives of the religious bureau, public security bureau, and local neighborhood committee — demanded that the Christians leave and no longer meet there.

A key church leader who is also a longtime student with us found the courage to speak in a calm voice with the officials. She told them what Christians believe. She explained that she and her friends had gathered to worship the God who sacrificed his Son to forgive all our sins.

Amazed by grace

After listening to her, the officials’ demeanor changed. Gone was their harsh attitude and tone of voice. The religious bureau leader even gave her his personal contact information, in case our student might be in the need of help.

Christians across China are anticipating that the government’s opposition to them will tighten for the foreseeable future. We expect our students will experience opposition like this more often. We pray grace will sustain them.

What you can do: Pray that Chinese Christians stay courageous in the face of the current government crackdown. Ask the Spirit to use this persecution to introduce more people, including the government officials who carry it out, to God’s grace in Jesus.