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MINISTRY//Arrested for Jesus

MINISTRY//Arrested for Jesus

One of our students asked for our prayers as his church faces China’s suppression of Christianity.

This student serves as a pastor of a church and a teacher in a Bible school. He informed us

My wife and I have spent a day in jail for practicing our faith in Jesus. My father and other three church co-workers have been in jail for over a month. Government officials have torn down the cross on my church. They prohibit any preaching in the building. The members still come together on Sundays, but we only pray and sing hymns.

Please, pray for my father and other church leaders that they continue to trust God’s guidance of their lives and find ways to share their faith while in jail. May God keep them safe.

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What you can do: Please add your prayers to ours. Pray not only for this student, his family, and his church. Pray that every Christian in China holds tightly to the gospel and faces any threat to their faith with the courage, hope, and peace that Jesus’ resurrection brings. Tap here to download short prayers for every day of the month.