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MINISTRY//Graduation tour

MINISTRY//Graduation tour

Two graduates of our online Bible institute arrived in Minneapolis on Saturday, April 27.

Ahead of them is two weeks of sightseeing in the Midwest. Even more important are opportunities

  • to personally meet professors they’ve only met online,

  • to visit Confessional Lutheran congregations and sites, and

  • to celebrate their completion of one of the levels of study in our online curriculum.

We had hoped that up to a half dozen of our recent graduates could have made the trip to the U.S. Unfortunately, visa issues and family needs limited our travel plans.

The itinerary for our graduates’ journey includes

Graduation service

You are invited to the graduation service at Divine Peace on Sunday (3203 South 76th Street, Milwaukee, WI). It begins at 3:00pm. A reception with a light lunch follows the service.

  • A welcome at Mount Olive Lutheran in Saint Paul, MN on Sunday, April 28.

  • A presentation by the graduates at Eternal Love Lutheran in Appleton, WI and sightseeing the Fox River Valley.

  • Tours in Milwaukee, Mequon, and Watertown.

  • A graduation service on Sunday, May 5 at 3:00pm at Divine Peace Lutheran in Milwaukee.

  • Tours and presentations in Illinois, Missouri, and Iowa.

We wish we could show you photos of our graduates, but concern for their security prohibits that. (The photo above is not of our graduates.)

What you can do: Thank God with us for the students who complete our online course, as well as, the nearly 200 students he had led to attend our classes each week.