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NEWS//Hong Kong protests (updated)

NEWS//Hong Kong protests (updated)

Massive protests

Hundreds of thousands of Hong Kong residents are protesting in that city. According to the organizers, the protest numbered over one million people last Sunday, June 9.

On Wednesday, June 12, police pushed back the crowds with rubber bullets, pepper spray, and ear gas. The government is deeming the protests a "riot" and has said it has "no choice but to start to use force." Over 5,000 police have been called to duty.

Upset over an extradition law

The reason for the unprecedented protests centers on a law Hong Kong's government is considering. The law will allow the city to extradite people accused of breaking Chinese laws to the Mainland. Protesters view the law as an open door for mainland China to prosecute Hong-Kong-ers who speak out against China's politics.

The 1997 agreement that made Hong Kong a semi-autonomous Chinese territory allows it to retain its own political, social, and legal systems.  According to a report in USA Today, "Opponents say the extradition bill will allow China to increase control over Hong Kong's legal system and will target political dissidents, who critics fear could then face unfair trials. Proponents, namely the city's government, say the revised bill will help fight crime and maintain order."

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